8 Answers To Network For Your Business Like A Pro: An Introduction To The Art Of Networking Professionally.

Are you interested in socializing with the perspective of networking and make your business grow? Whether you are or not, it is a skill we enterpreneurs and business people  should master, and we all know why, don´t we?

So, how deep is your professional and personal network? To feel we can count on our network, to feel we are strong, it should be strong too. So, to start with, you want to make it broad, but to put it to work for you, it is better to be deep.

We also should consider, when asking someone in our personal network, if this person is a contact or a connection.

But what is  the difference? A contact is a person you know, but you have not established a relationship yet; a connection is someone you have established credibility with, because you have taken the time and effort to make them grow, therefore this person knows you and even more important, trusts you.

May be you have lots of contacts, but how well do you know each other? Sure you know it is not a good idea to expect some help from someone who does not  know you. So, better to spend time in turning your existing contacts into connections than in meeting new contacts. Do you agree with this idea?

So, how do you make your network Deep? By developing a trusting relationship with a long term goal. Go beyond the usual business interactions, get them to a café.

Have you ever Heard you can easily broaden your network by showing interest in others instead of by trying to be interesting? Therefore, focus on others, interact with them with one thought in your mind: What can I do for this person? Do whatever you can, share information with them, invite them to business meetings.

Any successful relationship evolves over time through 3 phases: Visibility, Credibility and Profitability.

See you at the next post to talk about these 3 stages?.

Thanks for your time.

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