How many times have you heard that Confidence is the mother of all businesses?

And here we talk about the level of the confidence your fellow network members have in you.

We also understand that confidence and a networking strategy should be based in cultivating long-term relationships. But, how long will it take you to reach the critical level of confidence with your networking friends. Here we have to mention 4 main factors:

  1. Your profession: If you are an accountant, an investment advisor, it means a great risk to the referrer´s reputation, so it may take you from six months to a year to reach the highest level of confidence.
  2. How well you present your business: tell them how your product or services improve their own businesses or life.
  3. How well you help them to get other´s confidence: increase other´s confidence in him or her and they will be disposed to return the favor.
  4. How much time you invest in learning about other´s businesses: Serious master networkers meet regularly to raise each other´s understanding of their businesses.

Thank you for your time.

See you at the next post to discover other mysteries of networking:  How to make new contacts.

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