The Process to make your network profitable

In Article 1 we introduced the importance of networking in a business person professional life.

In this Article 2 we talk about the 3 steps any relationship, specially professional, follows until finally we can call it “ a connection”.

What do these 3 processes mean?

It describes the 3 steps from creation, through growth, to strengthening of professional and personal relationships.

  1. Being Visible: You and another individual become aware of each other. Or a potential customer becomes aware of your business, then the two of you begin to communicate and establish links. This step must be maintained and developed; without it, you can not move to the next level, credibility.
  2. Being Credible: This is the quality of being reliable. It grows when appointments are kept and services are rendered. But failure can create visibility of a kind you do not want. People will turn to third parties to determine how credible you are: Are you honest? Are your products or services effective?
  3. Being Profitable: It is an essential part of successful relationship marketing and networking.  Is it mutually rewarding and provides benefits for both? If not, it will probably will not endure.


The time it takes to pass through the phases of developing a relationship is highly variable, and it is difficult to determine when profitability has been achieved.

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